2024 OWLE Major Awards

Call for Nominations – Deadline Submission: March 15th , 2024

On January 15th , 2024, OWLE will begin accepting nominations for major award and service awards.

OWLE is proud to announce the creation of a new award category for 2024. The Indigenous Leadership Award is open to an Indigenous member that promotes and exemplifies their Indigenous culture at work and in their personal life in such a way that it positively influence others in wanting to learn and strive towards Truth and Reconciliation.

With the exception of the Teamwork Award, all other categories are open to female employees of law enforcement/corrections and other organizations recognized by OWLE as per their constitution. Candidates may only be nominated in one category and for work that has occurred in the past calendar year.

The Office of Chief/Commissioner (or designate) of your organization must be made aware of any submission made. Submissions must be made by persons within your organization. All submissions received will be reviewed by our Advisory Council. Identified winners will be submitted to corresponding categories for the 2024 IAWP Awards Recognition Program.

If you have any questions please contact Kimberley O’Toole, President of OWLE at president@owle.org
We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Major Award Categories

Indigenous Leadership Award: this category is open to an Indigenous member that promotes and exemplifies their Indigenous culture at work and in their personal life in such a way that it positively influence others in wanting to learn and strive towards Truth and Reconciliation.

Leadership: this category includes but is not limited to inspiration to others; an excellent role model; positively influences the actions and opinions of others; encourages and supports colleagues; shows initiative; perseveres in the face of criticism or adversity; has high ethical standards; is willing to “go that extra mile”; builds trust and is able to form partnerships to resolve issues; positive outlook.

Community Service: This category may include job-related activities or non-work volunteer or neighborhood activities. Demonstrates a consistent focus on service to others; designing and implementing initiatives to meet community needs, including those of individuals and groups; a self-starter who works to enhance standard programs and services and/ or adds value to the community with innovation and improvements; makes herself available to the community.

Mentoring and Coaching: Assistance to women in the law enforcement profession; someone who is inspirational; supports and/or provides opportunities for others; has excellent communications and interpersonal skills; is approachable, accessible consultation; encourages networking; works to support the advancement of women in law enforcement.

Excellence in Performance: Over an extended period of time, has demonstrated outstanding work performance (management or administrative expertise, investigative
skills, service delivery, a relationship-building, etc); development or implementation of innovative programs or projects; recognized effectiveness in “getting the job done”; acknowledged professional credibility.

Teamwork: This category recognizes the exceptional successes of women and their male colleagues working on a complex, comprehensive, ground-breaking or long-term project within a Service or cross jurisdictional, with broad implications for law enforcement or justice; in other words, a major issues with significant implications for change. This could include the investigations, major events and conferences, organization change projects, task forces or public inquiry support. Specify the nature of the role of each of the members of the team. Note: If the project was a sensitive undercover or similar project, please indicate what names and information should not be disclosed publicly.

Bravery: A police/peace officer who distinguishes herself by an act of extraordinary selflessness, personal bravery, courage or self-sacrifice.

Civilian Award of Achievement: This category is exclusively for a civilian member of a law enforcement agency. An individual who contributes by way of outstanding or significant support to her law enforcement colleagues. This support may be through leadership, job-related community service activities, mentoring or excellence in

Innovation: This award recognizes the individual or group for above average achievement and innovation. The award is designed to recognize innovative and unique achievement in the implementation of an innovative program(s) or initiative(s) that enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement and the communities in which they work. The four criteria that will be used to judge nominations will be: (1) effectiveness of innovation (2) ability to implement into organization / community (3) overall organizational and community impact. Please include how the nominee(s) meets these criteria.