IAWP Free-90 day trial!

During the free trial period almost ALL of the benefits of regular membership are extended: Access to the member’s only site, access to view the IAWP Region reports to see what is happening in your IAWP Region, access to the Member Directory to see other contacts in the organization, WomenPolice Magazine online, and much more. The Trial period does not include a member card or pin, a vote if any issue should arise, or reduced fee for conferences or other events. You must be eligible for a regular or Associate membership to be eligible for a trial membership.

Share with your colleages so they can TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER! They will soon see why they need to join the International Association of Women Police. Enjoy a 90-day Free Trial then become a full member of IAWP.

Contact Carol Paterick, carolpaterick@gmail.com, or Michele Lish, treasurer@iawp.org, for additional details or for help.