Survey of Canadian Police Officers’ Experiences in the Workplace

Invitation to participate in research

My name is Lesley Bikos and I am a Ph.D. student within the Sociology Department at Western University in London, Ontario. As a former police officer, I am interested in studying the experiences of police officers within their workplace environment. Previous research has identified many challenges experienced by police officers on the job, including the impact of workplace culture. This study explores how police officers experience their workplace culture and how those experiences differ by rank, age, gender, sexual orientation, and race, among other variables. During the survey, you will be asked questions about your perceptions of your workplace environment, its impact on your on and off-duty life, and your views of the positives and negatives of your workplace culture. Mental health, perception of organizational fairness, job satisfaction, access to career opportunities, work-life balance, and satisfaction with organizational policies and practices are some of the themes this survey will explore. You will also have a chance to discuss ways you would like your workplace improved.

If you agree to participate you will be asked to take part in one confidential online survey. This survey does not collect any identifying personal information, including IP addresses, and your answers will be anonymous. The survey can be completed in approximately 25 minutes. You can complete the survey on a computer or cell phone. You can back up at any point. You also can refuse to answer any of the questions. 

The possible benefits to you include the opportunity to confidentially recount your personal experience as a police officer working within Canada. These experiences will help us better understand how workplace experiences impact police officers both on and off-duty. This study could also help us understand the success of prior workplace policies and inform future workplace policy changes.

The researcher would like to use the data collected in research papers, which may be published in the future. If you are willing to take the survey, please click on the link below. If you would like more information on this study, please contact the researcher, not a police agency member, at the contact information given below.


Lesley J. Bikos

Ph.D. Candidate


Western University Kimberley O’Toole President Ontario Women in Law Enforcement